How to Submit an Article

JGSW Submission Information

Please use Microsoft Word format. All editorial inquiries should be directed to the Editor at

The journal publishes four types of articles, all being subject to peer review:

  • Research or Conceptual Articles – Manuscripts of this type present either empirical work or a conceptual argument that represents a significant contribution to the field. (Maximum length 20 pages.)
  • Brief Reports – These manuscripts present a timely response to emerging developments in the field. Possible topics include: A description of recent developments, a discussion or op-ed piece on current event(s), or a well-informed discussion of possible future developments.

Click here for complete instructions and specifications (PDF) for the submission of manuscripts.

Authors may submit manuscripts for consideration of publication in the Journal of Gerontological Social Work at (link opens in a new window). PLEASE NOTE: Successful submission is acknowledged immediately in a new window followed by a thank you email. If these do not appear, your manuscript has not been uploaded onto the site. In this case, please try again. If problems persist contact Michelle Putnam at