AGESW Roundtables Luncheon

The AGESW Roundtables Luncheon provides a space where gerontological social work scholars can collaborate across a range of topics, participate in mentoring relationships with national leaders and peers, and discuss new and ongoing projects to advance their specific areas of knowledge. The free Roundtables Luncheon will bring together social work scholars in aging from different stages of career advancement for networking, professional development, and collaboration. Registration is required, and any social work scholar attending the GSA annual meeting who is interested in learning more about the work being done by AGESW members can register for the Roundtables Luncheon at no cost. Space is limited to the first 70 people who register.

Congratulations to the following authors who submitted exceptional abstracts to the Gero-Ed Track at CSWE APM 2017: Dana Carthron, PhD, RN, Michigan State University: Gaynell M Simpson, Ph.D., University of Alabama: Tracy Pressley, LCSW-PIP, Alabama State University: Kim Stansbury, PhD, North Carolina State University; Ann Nicole Ripberger, MSW, Ph.D. Candidate, Michigan State University Steven Anderson, PhD, Michigan State University; KyongWeon Lee, MSW, Ohio State University.